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Our Activities

Developing patriotism through a wide range of endeavours.

Research, Programming, Monitoring and Evaluation.

SetForth Nigeria Organisation is committed to generating empirical data through Scientific research that would promote a better understanding of all issues related to peacebuilding, national integration, conflict prevention/management, security and good governance in Nigeria and beyond, with a view to supporting effective policymaking and programming around these issues at all levels.

It partners with players in governmental and intergovernmental bodies, and other stakeholders to forecast, generate and undertake researches on existing or potential threats to peace and security; to provide a better understanding of such problems and to design context and culturally relevant response and programmes around such situations.

Along this line and as part of its response to the large scale violence that marked the #ENDSARSPROTESTS across Nigeria’s urban cities, the organisation is currently working with the government to undertake the mapping and enlisting of community resources for the management of gang violence in Lagos State. Prior to this, the Organisation undertook a study on “Youth Perception towards Extremist Ideologies and Terrorism: A Comparative Study of Lagos, Delta and Plateau State of Nigeria” The outcome of the study is a 10 chapter book that is currently in the press.

Monitoring and evaluation are integral to our work at SetForth Nigeria Organisation.

Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity building are a core thrust of our work at SetForth Nigeria Organisation. These activities are designed to promote a better understanding of the culture of peace and of the management of ethnic and cultural diversity among different groups in society-Religious leaders, leaders of socio-cultural associations, Youth organisations, school administrators/teachers, security personnel, media practitioners, Student bodies, Community Development Associations, Market Associations, Unions of Road Transport Workers and Owners etc.

The organisation has been working with these groups in Somolu Local Government Area of Lagos state since 2019 and is finalizing arraignments to establish Peace Clubs in selected secondary schools in the state. Beneficiaries of our training and capacity building workshops are inducted into our “Peace Ambassadors’ Club” and empowered as “Change Agents” to go back and work with their people and communities to promote tolerance, patriotism and national cohesion; and to build peace and manage conflict without violence.

The Organisation is finalizing arrangements to organize training for personnel of the Peace and Conflict Management Unit of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Lagos state on Securing Peace and Management Conflict in a Democracy.

Policy and Advocacy

As an organisation that generates and values empirical data, we make conscious efforts to support governments, bilateral and multilateral institutions, the civil society and others take holders in our area of focus, with these ingredients, as needful and inevitable drivers of good policies and programmes.

We also work with these bodies and many others to educate, advocate and prioritize peace centred national, regional and local policies and programmes. Our organisation is working with the Somolu LGA to respond to rising crime and violence through skills training and economic empowerment


SetForth Nigeria organisation seeks to revive the dying culture of volunteerism in our communities. This practice which involves the giving of oneself in service to a cause for free and without expectation of compensation or reward, allows us to connect to our community and make it a better place. This is a practice that made us a better people, a better community and a better society. So we strive to raise a group of volunteers who would happily give their time and service to help organizations, communities, and individuals as occasion demands. These have taken the form of freeing of blocked gutters and waterways, provision of holiday talks /lessons to indigent children and youths, and offering of support services to indigent and lonely elders in our neighbourhoods.

Social Conflict and Safety in Urban Space

SetForth Nigeria is currently collaborating with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and the University of Lagos, Akoka to host an online course on “Social Conflict and Safety in Urban Space”.

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